Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Spoilers 

Dayum, Spock has a half brother?

I'm seriously procrastinating the whole "Put fedihax in a publicly exposed state", because, well, IT'S NOT READY.

Or maybe I'm not ready...

There's just so much that I have to get implemented :(

Fun fact: mod_dialup supports a ModemStandard of i-was-rich-and-got-a-leased-line .

Oh man, I'm sat here, Fedihax is getting really close to the point where further development needs public facing shenanigans, and, well... I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous about it.

Like, it's inescapable that there's a TON of stuff that needs to be done to make this a polished work of software, but reaching the point I need to expose it to real world environments, that's huge to me.

Impact of being an Uber Driver 

When I started driving Uber, I wasn't in great shape, but I wasn't in horrible shape either.

But, I drove Uber for 3.5 years, driving a job that stressed me out every time I went out to drive, to the point I would legitimately be unable to bring myself to driving on several given days.

I have no clue how much I weigh. I don't really have any means of measuring it. I know it's more than the doctors office scales can handle.

I have to deal with those consequences.

Tales From The Uber Driver, Racism 

What did the passenger use as a compliment?

Why, dear reader, they tried to use "Anglo-Saxon" as a compliment.

As in, "That's awful Anglo-Saxon of you."

See, the person at the window did not outwardly appear to be of this background.

What this passenger had done was being creative, using the traits of one race as a compliment to someone of another race.

Later they littered.

That passenger did get reported.

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Tales From The Uber Driver, Racism 

Early in my Uber-driving career, I had a ride. Passenger wanted to go thru the Taco Bell drive-thru line.

Well, this passenger was drunk. They still had the sense about them that they shouldn't be spewing racist slurs, but what they did was oh so much worse.

See, this passenger had come to the conclusion that the appropriate thing to do was to give the person manning the Taco Bell embrasure a compliment.

LGBT Issues, Merchandise Fail 

I mean, I get supporting LGBT needs...

... but is a dog leash the right merchandise to announce your support?

Tales of the Uber Driver, sexual violence 

I say most, because I'm sure there were some I missed.

See, Uber has this habit where they send you stacked requests, and so you make a mental note "I need to file a report against that passenger".

But then you get 4-5 rides deep into the stack after that passenger.

And that mental note is not even a whisper anymore.

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Tales of the Uber Driver, sexual violence 

I mean, much as I told myself "next time this happens X", that never happened.

No, I never did accept such an offer from a passenger.

But at the same time, I felt powerless to do anything, ANYTHING, to make it less likely they can abuse their next driver with the same question.

I had a job I was desperate to keep, because it was the only way to earn food money.

Yes, I reported most the incidents. No, I don't think Uber did anything about them.

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Tales of the Uber Driver, sexual violence 

Early in my Uber driving career, I was giving a ride from a strip club to an airbnb. It was a dude in from out of town, some offshore oil drilling conference.

In exchange for a broad tip, he wanted extra special attention paid to his tip.

I know the correct response to that is "GET THE FUCK OUT", but... every time it happened, it was like a deer in headlights moment.

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Tales of the Uber Driver, sexual violence 

You know, I saw on /r/legaladvice today someone stating their Uber driver offered money for oral sex.

As much as it pains me to say this, I'm not surprised.

As an Uber driver, I've had several passengers offer the same arrangement.

Tales of the Uber Driver 

See, apparently my refusal to acknowledge them cat-calling me was some sort of unforgivable sin, that I had no right to ignore the advances of an individual of their stature.

So their response was "I aught to beat yo ass for ignoring me."

I don't think I actually made it out driving that night.

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Tales of the Uber Driver 

So... early in my Uber-driving career, I had an individual threaten to "beat [my] ass".

No, it wasn't a passenger. I was at a Valero, getting gas. Being broke at the time and knowing my card wouldn't authorize to the pump's pre-auth, I had to go in, say I want $X on pump Y.

On my way in, there was an individual cat-calling me. I ignored them.

On my way out? Their demeanor had changed.

But then local authoritative posts, do I duplicate them in the remote authoritative table?

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Fedihax is, well, erm...

I'm now generating the user activity.

I'm debating how to handle content posts. I'm thinking I just store them in the database in two tables, one local authoritative and remote authoritative, and a third table for who's interested in what remote-authoritative posts.

I have to work today.

These are words I wish I never had to say again.

US Major Crimes 

But in the name of all things holy, they need to fucking change.

Nobody deserves to be shot in the face with a rubber bullet and lose their eyesight.

Nobody deserves to have to suffer the harmful effects of tear gas.

And most of all? Nobody deserves to be murdered by the police. Not even if they *checks notes* are accused of passing a counterfit $20 bill.

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US Major Crimes 

And, I mean, I know we are all just victims of the cruel games Fate plays, that there is no going back with the knowledge I have today.

This man, he murdered George Floyd. For that, he's been sentenced to 22.5 years in prison, for Second Degree Unintentional Murder.

But have we learned our lesson?

The police are still just as cruel. The same culture that allowed him to remain a police officer? It still exists, nothing has changed.

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US Major Crimes 

I mean, not just the resultant curfews, that made it impossible for me to do my job in the hours I'm used to working. But in the guilt.

See, what would have happened if things were different?

What if he'd gotten a driver from the minority group he so despised?

What if I had enforced the mask mandate Uber had?

What if I had reported his... outrageousness? I mean, I didn't know what department he worked for, but I could have reported his Uber account.

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